Cafe Bosc de les fades Interior of the Sagrada Familia (BCN).
Cafe Bosc de les fades Chocolate workshop of Dominique Persoone in Antwerp.

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Healthy home made granola!

Dear all, since we came back from our round trip through Asia and South-America we’ve become more conscious of the food we eat. Our food experience in Japan made us realize we don’t need much meat to make a good meal. Healthy and savory vegetables combined with noodles or rice makes a delicious combination which […]

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Round trip Cambodia – travel video

Welcome to Cambodia, a beautiful country located in South-East Asia. Many years we’ve dreamed about visiting the temples of Angkor and appreciating the diversity of landscapes, from paddy fields and rural sceneries to the beaches in the south. Also, we were particularly excited to taste the authentic Cambodian (Khmer) cuisine. We were told that it’s […]

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Splendid Chiang Mai – Thailand

We recently spent two lovely weeks in Chiang Mai and the country side. We really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere you find in this charming destination. People are very friendly and welcoming. There are precious temples everywhere and the food aromas at the markets and eateries really touch your olfactory senses. We also spoiled ourselves with […]

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Tokyo – travel video

Tokyo is a dazzling city offering its visitors a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining. Orange Spots bloggers Natalie and Geerard were recently in Tokyo and captured some footage of the city to share with you. Tokyo travel video – produced by Geerard Siereveld 

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Orange Spots on Tour

Asia and South America 2015 – 2016 We’ve always been fascinated by visiting foreign countries, experience other cultures and tasting exotic food. And if we look back at the first time we met, the first topic we talked about was traveling the world. So what are the odds that we would go on a world […]

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A trip to Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is unique for it is the only city in the world lying on two continents: Asia and Europe. The glittering Bosphorus river dividing the city in two is also known as “Strait of Constantinople”. Istanbul has conquered our hearts with its stunning views on the river and the old town, the friendly people and varied food. […]

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Best of San Francisco, California

Guest blog by Geerard Siereveld March this year I visited San Fransisco for a work related event. I asked my US co-workers to show me around their favorite places in the city. This resulted in me visiting local dive bars, hidden gems and … a country dance club. I have experienced life in 5 different apartments […]

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Social travel: connecting with the locals

I remember our summer vacations with our local friends in the province of Emilia Romagna, Italy. My family and I stayed with the Visani family in Cesena. We exchanged memorable experiences like cooking typical Italian meals and tasting local delicacies. We visited the local markets and bought products from the region. We also spend some lovely […]

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