Cafe Bosc de les fades Interior of the Sagrada Familia (BCN).
Cafe Bosc de les fades Chocolate workshop of Dominique Persoone in Antwerp.

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Healthy home made granola!

Dear all, since we came back from our round trip through Asia and South-America we’ve become more conscious of the food we eat. Our food experience in Japan made us realize we don’t need much meat to make a good meal. Healthy and savory vegetables combined with noodles or rice makes a delicious combination which […]

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Tasting Peru, a culinary journey

The Peruvian cuisine has been drawing quite some attention over the last 3 years and if we are to believe the food experts, 2014 is the year of the Peruvian gastronomy. The use of fresh ingredients, the vivid colors and the refined taste are typical to the national dishes of which my favorites are ceviche (raw fish cooked in […]

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