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2014 has again been a splendid year full of amazing trips to different corners in the world. We enjoyed learning about new cultures, exploring amazing historic city’s, we treated ourselves with delicious exotic food and took a swim at the most stunning beaches. Looking back to last year’s travel adventures gives me a very happy feeling and I’m thankful for these wonderful experiences I was able to have.

I’ve made a recap of the most memorable photographs taken during our trips in 2014. The year started off well with an amazing highlight: we travelled to Vietnam and got to discover fantastic cities like Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh, the Island Phu Quoc and the region of Mekong Delta. What striked me the most was the interesting Vietnamese culture, the exotic food I tasted at a foodies tour in Can Tho and a nice trip we made to the floating markets.

Vietnam Hanoi
Hanoi – Vietnam
Vietnam Can Tho
Can Tho – Mekong Delta (paddy fields)


Floating Market – Can Tho


Local market in Phu Quoc – Vietnam


Hoi An-6
Lantern shop in Hoi An – Vietnam


Naples and Salerno

In June 2014 I booked a trip to Naples and the Amalfi Coast where we had a splendid holiday. Naples is quite a rough city (lots of graffiti on buildings) yet it has a great cuisine and you’ll be fascinated by the authentic Italian people and their customs. While walking around the city centre, we came accross a couple of young girls chatting loudly with a Napolitan accent. I quickly grabbed my camera and made a shot of this funny scene.


Salerno is a charming town located south from Naples with great restaurants, shops and a nice harbour. While waiting for the boat that would take us to Amalfi, we strolled around the harbour and ran into a group of Italian youngsters who where sunbathing. They where talking to an older man who was throwing pieces of fruit at the boys. It resulted in this great photo that captures the social aspects of Italian culture.


In Cetara, a nice little village in between Amalfi and Salerno, we enjoyed watching a swimming competition at the beach of Cetara. While enjoying a beer, suddenly a couple of boats showed up at the shore packed with dozens of men and woman, all wearing bathing suits. In an instant, more than 70 participants plunged into the water and quickly disappeared while swimming to another beach. You can imagine we were completely taken by surprise!


Antwerp and Ypres (Belgium)

In 2014 I coordinated several press trips to Belgium for work (Toerisme Vlaanderen). Since we focused on the remembrance of World War I in the area of Westhoek (Flanders Fields) and other cities in Belgium, we invited Dutch journalists to attend press trips in Ypres and Antwerp. In Antwerp, a temporary pontoon bridge was built by the Belgian and Dutch army to commemorate the war that broke out in 1914. Many people fled via an improvised bridge built by the army and escaped towards the Netherlands. The city of Ypres got completely bombed during the war leaving nothing but dust and stones. The town looks like a historical city dating back hundred years ago. But nothing could be further than the truth since Ypres was rebuild identically to its previous state. It’s quite interesting to learn about the history of this charming town.

Pontonbrug persreis-46
Pontoon bridge in Antwerp – WWI
Westhoek (45 van 177)
City of Ypres – view through the Menin Gate


Ibiza is known as an island where to party day and night, and many people only focus on doing that. However, we visited the Island a week after the party season and encountered a beautiful and peaceful place where to relax and enjoy fantastic food. Staying at Sant Antoni de Portmany it was very easy taking the bus to the different cala’s (beaches) at the west coast of the Island. We immediately fell in love with Cala Tarida with its cristal clear water, beautiful views and great rocks emerging from the water. Definitely a must visit when in Ibiza (also visit Cala Compte and Cala Bassa!).

Cala Tarida – Ibiza


Edinburgh was the final trip we planned in 2014, and I can tell that it certainly belonged to one of the highlights of the year. We fully enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere in town, the friendly people, the culture and stunning architecture. Edinburgh really has conquered our hearts.


Royal Mile – Edinburgh

View the best travel photos of 2014 at the Orange Spots Flickr page.

Many thanks to the readers of Orange Spots for reading the articles, liking our posts and sharing their thoughts! We are already looking forward to new adventures to share with you in 2015.


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