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Stunning views: Euromast Rotterdam


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when I decided to go up the Euromast in Rotterdam. I was accompanied by my friend Mareille who was happy to join me.
The Euromast is an observation tower and is one of Rotterdams most iconic attractions. Because of its height, 185 meters, you can actually see the tower from almost every location in Rotterdam. And vice-versa you have a 360º panoramic view on the entire city of Rotterdam.

I’ve been up the tower several times. It never gets boring! The tower offers an exceptional view of Rotterdam and its surroundings. It also overlooks a great part of the port. The view of the skyline has conquered my heart and I’m sure it will conquer yours. Especially at sunset. The sun illuminates the water and the gigantic cranes of the port in the horizon.

Visiting Rotterdam and the Euromast
In case it’s your first time visiting Rotterdam, it’s best to wander through town before going up the tower. Get a drink at one of Oude Haven’s terraces, walk though the maritime area of Leuvehaven. Have lunch at a nice restaurant in Witte de With district. Visit the new Markthal and get blown away by its architecture. Shop at the Koopgoot and Van Oldebarneveld street. Take the water taxi to Kop van Zuid with the beautiful Hotel New York. After visiting Rotterdam’s hotspots and restaurants, take the tram or rent a bicycle and travel to the Veerhaven area. Here you’ll find a little charming port overlooking the Erasmus bridge and Kop van Zuid. (Tip: have a drink at the terrace of the Wereldmuseum or at Z&M). Walk through the Parklaan towards the Pak (Euromast Park) and you’ll reach the Euromast.

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History of the Euromast
The Euromast was built in 1960 to mark the occasion of Floriade, the international flower and garden exhibition. The tower was 100 meters high at that time. It was the tallest building in Rotterdam. Eight years later the medical faculty added 14 meters to the tower. Afterwards, the height was increased with 85 meters by building the Space Tower which was finished in 1970. During the first decade, more than 6 million visitors came to enjoy the views from the tower. On clear days people could see Antwerp and The Hague in the distance.

Did you know there are 37 towers scattered across the globe? They are united in the World Federation of Great Towers (WFGT). The Euromast is also a member of the WFGT.

Restaurant and suites
The Euromast has a nice restaurant where you can have brunch or dinner. It’s very romantic for dates! Also, there are two exclusive suits offering a unique experience for newly weds. Two friends of mine spent their honeymoon at one of those suites in the Euromast. They loved it up there!


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