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Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower garden

Keukenhof Holland

Last Friday I’ve finally visited the most beautiful spring garden in the world! I invited my mom for mother’s day to enjoy the colorful tulip fields and the themed pavilions with fascinating floral decorations at this gigantic park in Lisse, a small town not far from Amsterdam (Holland). I never actually thought of seeing the tulip gardens in Keukenhof in real life. Obviously I’ve seen them at a distance when traveling north by train, and I know Keukenhof from postcards at tourist shops and pictures I’ve seen. I guess it’s the idea that it’s just there. This year I took the decision to get to know Holland a little better and discover the great things this country has to offer. I believe there’s no better way than starting with a visit to Keukenhof.

I’d like to share this fabulous flower experience with you through the photographs I’ve taken. I think there are no words to explain the beauty of this place! Also, I’ve added some nice facts you should know about Keukenhof and the history of the tulips.

Did you know that:

– More than 7 million flower bulbs (amongst which tulips, daffodils and hyacinths) are planted every year over 32 hectares?


– Keukenhof is only opened for 8 weeks on a yearly basis? The creative team, together with the gardeners, work for about 10 months to prepare the park to open only in spring season (April-May).

– Keukenhof attracts 800,000 visitors to the Netherlands every year. The spring gardens are a real showcase for the Dutch tourism industry.

– Every year, Keukenhof creates a complete new look according to a central theme. In 2014, the theme focused on Holland. Millions of bulbs have been planted to create a flower mosaic of Amsterdam’s canals.

– Several fun events are organised in the park, like the Traditional Costume Show (people wear typical Dutch cloting), the fabulous annual Flower Parade and plenty of special events during the Easter weekend. In several pavilions you can enjoy flower decorations and successive flower shows.


– You can explore the surrounding area with its fields of flowers by hiring a bike or taking a boat cruise. If you have some time left, this is a great additional Holland experience!


– The tulip does not originate from Holland. The flower has its origins in the Himalaya and was brought to Turkey in the 11th century. In the 16th century, the Dutch trading increased and it was during this period that the tulips where imported from Constantinople (current Turkey) to Holland.

The Tulip mania was a period in the Dutch Golden Age (1588-1647) in which the price of the recently introduced tulip reached extraordinarily high levels. In 1637 the highest price for a bulb was set on a current rate of €67.000 euros ($ 90.00).

– The plant breeding process for creating new varieties of tulips is labor- and time-intensive. After cross-breeding, it takes five years for the seeds to develop into flower bulbs. It takes about 25 years before the bulbs are ready to be sold commercially.

More information about tulips in The Netherlands.


Of course I took many pictures during my visit to Keukenhof! Curious for more? Go to my Flickr page.

Visit the Keukenhof website.

Practical information about tickets and transportation:
If traveling by train, it’s best to buy a Keukenhof Combi-Ticket. It includes bus transport from Leiden city centre or Schiphol airport plus entrance to the park. The Combi-Tickets can be purchased online or at the Visitor Information Centres at Stationsplein Leiden and Schiphol airport. You can also travel by car.

N.B.: try to avoid the park during the Flower Parade on the first weekend of May (it’s too crowded and you’ll get stuck in traffic!).

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