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Kyoto Japan Travel Video

Kyoto is by far one of the highlights of Japan. The city has it all, but most of all, it has culture, lots of ancient heritage, an exquisite gastronomy and style! Let us take you along the beautiful sights, a colorful market and the impressive shrines scattered all over the city.

Enjoy it! We hope we can inspire you to visit this magical place once.

Kyoto Travel video – produced by Geerard Siereveld

Locations that are featured in this video are:

Kamo River
Gazing out at the shores of the Kamo River, you can enjoy people taking walks and even having picnics. The riverside terraces (Pontocho alley) are the perfect place to dine and enjoy the river. 

The only geisha district left in Japan. Gion has a collection of streets defined by its old wooden buildings, teahouses and exclusive Japanese restaurants.

Southern and Northern Higashiyama
Kenninji Temple
Yasaka Shrine

Imperial Palace 
The Emperor’s official residence in Kyoto surrounded by a beautiful park and gardens.

Toji Temple
One of the most iconic temples of Kyoto located in the southern part of the city.

Sanjo Dori Street
One of the trendiest streets of Kyoto for shopping. We bumped into a traditional ceremony while walking through the street.

Nishiki Market
A magical place for all the foodies amongst us! This is the place to be if you want to buy/smell/enjoy Japanese fish, meat, dried foods, side dishes, yuba (tofu skin), and Kyoto vegetables. A 400 meter path leadres from Teramachi to Takakura. The market is also known as the “Kitchen of Kyoto” and certainly worth a visit if you like exotic food!

Karaoke Bar ” Big Echo”
Instead of going to a club and dance the night away, we decided to express ourselves in a different way. We went to a Karaoke Bar (Big Echo) and sang our favorite ‘Queen’ lyrics. A guide into Karaoke in Japan >

Fushimi Inari Taisha
After visiting this beautiful shrine, we hiked in the mountains through thousands of Torii gates. A very mystical route leaded us to the mountain top for a magnificent view on Kyoto city. A true highlight!


More about Kyoto in an upcoming blog!

Don’t forget to check out this amazing blog ( by Chris Rowthorn, author of Lonely Planet Kyoto and long-time Kyoto resident.


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    1. Hi Jess, we loved Kyoto too, it’s such an inspiring city. Did you visit other places in Japan? We definitely want to go back to Japan and explore the northern part. We’ve heard it’s beautiful too! Take care 🙂

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