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Promenade in the sky: luchtsingel Rotterdam

Luchtsingel Rotterdam

Rotterdam on Friday – blog #4

For those living in Rotterdam (or frequent visitors), you’ve probably spotted a peculiar wooden promenade across the city, extending from the area of central station to the Binnenrotte and soon the northern part of Rotterdam. This wooden, elevated promenade is another creative project in town (think of Fenix Food Factory in Katendrecht or Aloha Bar in the former swimming pool Tropicana). ‘De Luchtsingel’ initiated by an architectural bureau (ZUS) together with the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam in order to connect different urban areas, not only physically, but also on a social level. The fun thing is that it’s partially financed by citizens and local companies, or better said by crowd funding.

I think ‘De Luchtsingel’ is a great concept: the pedestrian bridge looks fantastic and it adds a creative touch to the city. My husband recently decided to support this initiative. He bought us two wooden boards (€ 25 euro each) with our name tags and thus supported the project with more or less 4000 cm² of material. The promenade is still under construction and we’re waiting to receive a confirmation whether our wooden boards are installed yet. I’ll keep you posted!

Here are some interesting facts you might like to know about ‘De Luchtsingel’:

– De total length of the elevated promenade is about 390 meters.

Luchtsingel 2

– Currently, three out of four components of ‘De Luchtsingel’ are finalised:

‘De Brug’, the wooden pedestrian bridge (390 meters) connecting Rotterdam’s city center with the northern part of the city.

The ‘Dakakker’ on top of the building Schieblock. This is a rooftop farm in the city center where vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown. It also includes a beekeeping.

Park Pompenburg: this area is transformed into a unique location in the city containing a green field, a sports field and an area for city farming.

Dak Hofplein is still under construction. This public rooftop will be build at the rooftop of a former train station. It will host events en local initiatives. Furthermore, the rooftop will be provided with a green area so that people can organise picnics and enjoy a nice walk with a panoramic view on the city.

– ‘De Luchtsingel’ and thereby the city of Rotterdam have won the Urban Intervention Award Berlin which makes us locals very proud!

– You can support De Luchtsingel by buying your own wooden board(s) for € 25 each. You can tag the board with your name or a creative slogan.

– Sunday 24th of August is the official opening day of ‘De Luchtsingel’ which is celebrated with an Urban Picknick. The picknick is organised in the area surrounding the wooden bridge and Hofplein. People can use vouchers to buy delicacies and food for their picknick (a blanket is included). There are other nice activities as well, such as city walks by Rotterdam Archiguides, Bloesembar and Pannemoeke serving great food and drinks, an open house at Schieblock and more.  More info>  Time: 12:30

Below I posted several pictures of De Luchtsingel to give you an impression of the project. I recommend you to visit it yourself and enjoy a nice city walk in a fun way!

Luchtsingel Rotterdam-8





Natalie Siereveld 5

Luchtsingel Rotterdam-2

Luchtsingel Rotterdam-10

Luchtsingel Rotterdam-12

Luchtsingel Rotterdam-14
Park Pompenburg with local food stands Bloesembar and Pannemoeke.


Luchtsingel: an elevated promenade in the city of Rotterdam. I love it! Do you?

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