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The Markthal by night – Rotterdam

Rotterdam markthal-3084

The new indoor market ‘Markthal’ in Rotterdam is even more gorgeous by night than by day! Now the days are getting shorter and darkness is settling in early, this new indoor hotspot is the perfect place to spend your day and avoid the cold weather outside. If you’re in for tasty delicacies, fresh baked pastries, artisanal products, good quality wines and everything else you need in order to prepare yourself a lovely dinner or appetizer, this is the place to be.
Don’t come here alone, bring your friends, relatives or your lover to taste, chat, drink at the bars or even try out a Greek, Asian or Arab dish one of the restaurants that are located inside this huge architectural work or art.

This is how the Markthal looks like at night. Isn’t it just the perfect place to visit during winter time?

Rotterdam markthal-3072

Rotterdam markthal-3074

Rotterdam markthal-3078

Rotterdam markthal-3093

Rotterdam markthal-3071

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