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Markthal Rotterdam – Holland’s first indoor market

Rotterdam Markthal

Shopping underneath the world’s biggest art work – Markthal Rotterdam

I remember I used to look at this gigantic hole in the ground while standing on the third floor of Rotterdam’s main library at Blaak.  I was a student back then in 2009. This deep hole which was soon filled with water, was surrounded by a large fence displaying pictures of the future ‘Markthal’ to be. The tunnel-shaped building immediately spoke to my imagination. When I found out the Markthal would become a 40 meters high building, housing 228 apartments, an indoor market containing 96 specialty shops devoted to eating and drinking, bars and restaurants, an underground Albert Heijn supermarket and underground parking with 1.200 parking lots, I couldn’t wait for it to be ready. Now, 5 years and one day before the opening, it’s time to meet my new best friend: a state-of-the-art building offering culinary delicacies and a view on the biggest art work in the world.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Markthal located in the area of Blaak:


-Under the arched roofed you’ll  see a beautiful 11.000 m2 3D print of flowers, fruits, vegetables and butterflies. The art work – called Horn of plenty – is made by Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam and is the biggest work of art ever produced in the world. The artist’s idea is to portray Rotterdam as an important hub within the world wide food chain. The art work exists of 4.000 aluminium plates that are attached to the ceiling and the plan is to place video projections in the near future.


– There are 96 units where a wide aray of fresh products will be sold. Think of fresh baked bread, vegetables, exotic fruits, meats and different delicacies. Some of the food stands have a terrace on their roof top to consume drinks and food.

-The opening of the Markthal is set on Wednesday October 1st at 15:00. Our very own queen Maxima will be present at the opening event and the market is open to the public as from 16:30 hours.

– Opening hours: 7 days a week, until 8 p.m.

– Website:





Slide show – Markthal Rotterdam

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