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Miyajima, a treasure island in Japan

Miyajima Japan photography

There’s much to say about Japan and its ancient culture which has left many traces in the form of remarkable temples, arts and crafts, customs, traditions and an excellent cuisine. Traveling through the country has been a true delight. I’ve left each city or village with a pleasant feeling. However, I must admit that I found Miyajima – a small island located in front of Hiroshima – to be one of my favorite places I’ve visited in Japan!

After a short trip on a ferry (20 minutes) an leaving Hiroshima behind, you step into a mystical place when entering Miyajima. Even though you may stumble upon a large crowd of tourists, this will not spoil your ‘wow’ moment. We were lucky to travel outside the high season, which left the island in tranquility.

Miyajima is a real must see when travelling to Japan, specially if you combine your visit with Hiroshima. The most famous attraction is the vermilion torii (O-torii -Grand Gate) of Itsukushima-jinja. Yet there are other reasons why you should pay a visit to Miyajima. Geerard and I really enjoyed the the laid back atmosphere in the village. If you like hiking, there are beautiful green areas to spend your time in and you can even take a funicular up Mt. Misen to enjoy some scenic views.
There are also very beautiful temples to be found on the island. We found Daishoin Temple (uphill on the west side of the island) to be the most remarkable one. While walking up the Daishoin Course you are surrounded by buddhas, beautiful green areas and many shrines. Also, there’s the eye-catching 5-storied pagoda also known as Tahoto which was built in 1523.
While staying in Miyajima, we tasted several local products, like the locally brewed Miyajima Beer, typical sweets and as a hearty bite Miyajima oysters.

We stayed at a beautiful and most charming Japanese style guest house in Miyajima, with rooms overlooking the water and with very friendly Japanese hosts.

Guest House Mikuniya - Miyajima

You actually don’t have to read or hear about Miyajima, but experience it. I took many photographs in Miyajima, it’s such a photogenic island! The 8 images below will certainly convince you to visit the island when traveling to Japan.

Miyajima Japan photography
Torii gate – entrance to Itsukushima Shrine and the area of O-torii (Grand Gate)
Miyajima Japan photography 1
A view on Tahoto, the 5-storied Pagoda
Miyajima 1
Japanese Samurai in Miyajima island
Miyajima Japan
Buddhist sculptures at Daishō-in temple
Miyajima O-Torri
A close up of the O-Torii (Grand Gate) floating on the water. A girl approaches the gate to get a cool picture.
Miyajima japan
Scenic view on Miyajima and the water side
Miyajima Itsukushima Shrine
View on Itsukushima Shrine at low tide
Miyajima Japan photography 3
One of my favorite moments: sunset I’m Miyajima. Specially in the area of the O-Torii.