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5 must do’s in Hong Kong according to Renate

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong top 5 – Guest blog by Renate 

Five years ago I packed my bag and left home. Free of expectations, I took off to live in Hong Kong. In first instance, the city was overwhelming. But during my stay I started to love Hong Kong. When I left Hong Kong after six months, I knew I would return to this amazing place. And that is what I did. My partner and I went on holiday to Hong Kong. There we had a lovely meet up with Natalie and Geerard. For them, and for Orange Spots, I jotted down a shortlist of my favorite spots in Hong Kong.

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Miyajima, a treasure island in Japan

Miyajima Japan photography

There’s much to say about Japan and its ancient culture which has left many traces in the form of remarkable temples, arts and crafts, customs, traditions and an excellent cuisine. Traveling through the country has been a true delight. I’ve left each city or village with a pleasant feeling. However, I must admit that I found Miyajima – a small island located in front of Hiroshima – to be one of my favorite places I’ve visited in Japan!

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5 must do’s in Hiroshima – Japan

A-Bomb Dome - Hiroshima Japan

A-bomb Dome – Hiroshima

With a bit over 1 million inhabitants, Hiroshima does not make the top 10 of Japans biggest cities, however it is in my personal top 3 of places to visit in Japan. Hiroshima’s inhabitants are friendly and outgoing, the local food is excellent and the atmosphere in the city is buzzing and upbeat.

There are so many things to do, see and eat in Hiroshima. I compiled a top 5 of must do’s.

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What we liked most about Kyoto – Japan

Kyoto Japan-202

Kyoto is by far one of the highlights of Japan. We loved its temples, beautiful gardens, colorful shrines and the savory food we tasted at local restaurants and the Nishiki market. Furthermore, there’s this special ambiance you sense in the old quarters which throws you back to Japan’s ancient times.

Let us share with you the beautiful sights we visited in Kyoto, from a colorful market to impressive shrines and lively quarters with gorgeous Japanese handicraft. Enjoy our blog!

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Discovering Japanese craft beer

Japanese craft beer blog

Blog by Geerard Siereveld

Japan has a lively craft beer movement with many micro breweries offering their own local specialty beers. When we travelled to Japan, I sent myself on the quest to drink at least one local craft beer per city/region we were about to visit. During our stay I got more and more enthusiastic about the taste and quality of Japanese beers. That’s when I decided to share my experience with you!

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Kyoto Japan Travel Video

Kyoto is by far one of the highlights of Japan. The city has it all, but most of all, it has culture, lots of ancient heritage, an exquisite gastronomy and style! Let us take you along the beautiful sights, a colorful market and the impressive shrines scattered all over the city.

Enjoy it! We hope we can inspire you to visit this magical place once.

Kyoto Travel video – produced by Geerard Siereveld

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Dazzling Shinjuku in Tokyo

Shinjuku Robot Restaurant Tokyo

Shinjuku – electronics and entertainment area in Tokyo

A couple of months before traveling to Japan, we watched a travel program which inspired us to visit Shinjuku ward in Tokyo. We were immediately intrigued by the abundance of electronic shops, entertainment spots, neon lights and busy streets. This was the right place to indulge ourselves in the Tokyo madness, at least for once!

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Tokyo – travel video

Tokyo is a dazzling city offering its visitors a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining. Orange Spots bloggers Natalie and Geerard were recently in Tokyo and captured some footage of the city to share with you.

Tokyo travel video –
produced by Geerard Siereveld 

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Orange Spots on Tour

Travel Orange Spots

Asia and South America
2015 – 2016

We’ve always been fascinated by visiting foreign countries, experience other cultures and tasting exotic food. And if we look back at the first time we met, the first topic we talked about was traveling the world. So what are the odds that we would go on a world trip this year? It totally makes sense!

On September 1st 2015 we’ll start with an amazing journey through Asia and South America for 7 months. Tokyo is the first stop in our itinerary. After that we’ll continue with a splendid round trip through Japan. This beautiful and diverse country has been on our bucket list for years!

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A trip to Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is unique for it is the only city in the world lying on two continents: Asia and Europe. The glittering Bosphorus river dividing the city in two is also known as “Strait of Constantinople”.

Istanbul has conquered our hearts with its stunning views on the river and the old town, the friendly people and varied food. We also enjoyed discovering trendy neigbourhoods like Karaköy and experience the bohemian atmosphere in Cihangir area.

Travel video Istanbul
Travel along with us to the enchanting city of Istanbul where east meets west… Enjoy this video!


(c) Produced by Geerard Siereveld

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