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Rosenball in Vienna, one big party…

From left to right: Olivier Seyssens, Susanne Gosch and Natalie Siereveld @ Roseball. Photo by

On February 28th I took off to Schiphol Airport to meet up with my sweet friend and colleague Susanne in Vienna, the city of Mozart and Sisi. Together with two friends coming from Antwerp and London, we were ready to explore the city and have an unforgettable weekend. Arriving in Vienna in the late evening, we quickly drove to my friend’s house to get dressed for the most bizarre party I have ever been to: the Rosenball. This is the annual alternative ball to the famous Wiener Opernball. Don’t expect people following the proper rules of etiquette: at this ball you can wear and act as you want. The Rosenball is hosted by the voluptuous Miss Candy with an amazing waist, fake boobs and an extraordinary outfit. The ball is held at the Wiener Palais Auersperg decorated with the most beautiful lamps and mirrors. The party was spread out over different chambers and there were beautiful light projections on the walls. The large stairs inside the building were a true attraction where the guests could make their entrance.

The highlight of this event are obviously the guests themselves. They are mainly (but definitely not only) gay people and men dressed up as women. Entering the building you will encounter the most creative costumes: women AND men wearing elegant dresses but also expect leather and latex outfits revealing certain body parts. Don’t be surprised by bumping into slave boy, a guy with a full latex outfit a chain around his neck. Or men in Disney costumes wearing ultra high heels, wigs and over-the-top make up. Of course, not everyone is wearing extravagant clothing. I for example wore a simple black dress with a bright pink lipstick. And there were other guests wearing normal suits, cocktail dresses, etc. And this is exactly why this party is so much fun! You can be whoever you want. Add some nice music and some great acts that will blow away your mind (ever heard of Eurovision Song Contest participant Conchita Wurst, the ‘woman’ with a black beard?).

Rosenball compilation 

To sum up, we really had an amazing time at the Rosenball and although we’ve been there for only a couple of hours, I had the feeling I was there for an entire night. This is an experience you should definitely try out! Next year I’ll be back and I think I’ll wear a special outfit. So now I finally know what to do with my wedding dress!

With just a few hours of sleep and Rosenball on my mind, our second day in Vienna started well with a lovely breakfast at a nice oriental restaurant at the Yppenmarkt. Read more about the places I visited in Vienna and all the pastries and Apfelstrüdels I ate.   

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