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Rotterdam by night…

Leuvehaven Rotterdam

If you’d make a walk through Rotterdam by night, you’ll find out that this stunning city is a true architectural gem. Rotterdam’s just full of surprises and let me tell you why. I never get bored cycling around to admire the tall and funny looking buildings in the city center which not quite match one another. But that doesn’t matter for this great variety of architectural styles creates a fabulous coherent entity. Rotterdam makes sense!

I’m always looking for the nicest spots and new angles to capture the city in photographs. The possibilities are endless. Rotterdam is not only gorgeous by night when the city is creatively illuminated, yet also during the day.

In the winter of 2012 I signed up for a  ‘night photography’ workshop. It was planned on a very cold evening in December and there was snow all over town which is quite rare. I took my new Canon reflex camera and a tripod stand and we (a group of 7 students and our teacher) headed towards the coolest illuminated locations is the city to take some awesome shots.

My favorite quarter in Rotterdam is definitely the wharf at Leuvehaven during the day yet more by night. In Leuvehaven you’ll find ships, cranes, maritime machines and other object that are property of the Harbour Museum. At night, the cranes are illuminated and this makes this area look stunning.


Leuvehaven Rotterdam (2)

Weena, the area around Central Station is very nice to make an evening walk. The brand-new train station with its pointed roof is a great work of engineering matching the futuristic buildings surrounding the station (Nationale Nederlanden building, Weenahuis, Unilever building). Every now and then, the Nationale Nederlanden building (Delftse Poort) is lit up by artificial sparkling lights resembling the stars. These are actual solar LED-lamps.

Weena Rotterdam













There are many other places in Rotterdam to spot some amazing illuminated buildings. Think of the area around the river Maas, such as ‘de Boompjes’. From here, you’ll have a great view on the Erasmus Bridge and the Kop van Zuid with the KPN building, the skyscrapers Montevideo and New Orleans and let’s not forget the brand ‘de Rotterdam’ designed by the famous architect Rem Koolhaas.















Willemsbrug Rotterdam

Willemsbrug – Boompjes Rotterdam

If you want to see more of Rotterdam, go to my Flickr page for more photo’s.

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