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Een smaakvolle proeverij aan de Schelde: Antwerpen Proeft!

Toen ik hoorde dat het culinair festival Antwerpen Proeft weer zou plaatsvinden op een toplocatie aan het water, moest ik er geen twee keer over nadenken. Ik sprak met vrienden af om op een zondag in mei op culinaire ontdekking te gaan. We namen de bus vanaf het station in Antwerpen die ons op ’t Eilandje afzette. De zon scheen volop, de sfeer was goed en we kregen een lekker biertje bij onze entreekaart. We proostten en nipten aan een Duvel terwijl wij ondertussen onze ogen uitkeken bij het zien van de ‘menukaart’. Het was lastig kiezen tussen al die culinaire topgerechtjes van de deelnemende (Antwerpse) chefs en restaurants.

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5 leukste wijken van Antwerpen

Pontonbrug persreis-1

Als Vlaanderen expert vragen vrienden mij vaak wat ze beslist niet mogen missen als ze een bezoek brengen aan Antwerpen. ‘Waar kan ik goed shoppen?’ en ‘wat zijn de leuke wijken?’ behoren tot de meest gestelde vragen. Voordat ik er erg in heb begin ik vol enthousiamse te vertellen over de parels van Antwerpen: van de mooiste musea tot de hipste winkels, lekkerste adresjes en meest bijzondere wijken waar toeristen niet zo snel komen. Antwerpen verveelt nooit en al kom je er vaak, je raakt maar niet uitgekeken.

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Best travel photos 2014 – Orange Spots

2014 has again been a splendid year full of amazing trips to different corners in the world. We enjoyed learning about new cultures, exploring amazing historic city’s, we treated ourselves with delicious exotic food and took a swim at the most stunning beaches. Looking back to last year’s travel adventures gives me a very happy feeling and I’m thankful for these wonderful experiences I was able to have.

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Flemish Kitchen Rebels – L’Epicerie du Cirque

Guest blog by Olivier – dining @ l’Epicerie du Cirque 


VISITFLANDERS is eager to promote the Flemish gastronomy and its delicious patrimony both nationally and internationally by yearly selecting young chefs and putting them in the spotlight under the name Flemish Kitchen Rebels.


For about two months (from beginning of October until 15th of November) these culinary wizards –all under the age of 35- with an insatiable passion for good food and locale produce offered a three-course menu from €45 to youngsters under the age of 30.

I’m an easy target when it comes to food. I love cooking, but I even more like going out dining. It came of no surprise then when one of my colleagues invited me to try out one of these restaurants, it instantly made my mouth water.  Our gastronomic sanctuary of choice was l’Epicerie du Cirque, owned by Dennis Broeckx and rewarded with 1 Michelin star.

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Shopping Sundays Antwerp

Guest blog by Olivier – Antwerp

Hi there ! I’m Olivier, born in Belgium and currently living in Antwerp. You can call me a hedonistic hipster wannabe, foodie lover or design & architecture freak, I meet all the before-mentioned requirements. Give me a beat & I will dance to it ! I’m obsessed with music. I literally have headphones taped to my head. Put me on a plane and I’m ready to discover the world. Any destination will do, because to travel is to live.

Olivier Seyssens

Off-the-beaten track favorites in Antwerp

Spending my Sundays are mostly limited to shameless couch potato-sessions, but all that is about to change since Antwerp has a shopping Sunday every first Sunday of the month. So next Sunday I will be out the door for a new winter outfit or some (very) early Christmas shopping. Really, any excuse will do ! 🙂

Antwerp is a true shopping-walhalla, so you can be sure there is enough for every taste. If you are flabbergasted by the offer, don’t worry! Below you can find a few of my personal and off-the-beaten track favorites:

Vier Antwerp
Hipster Alert ! Street wear lovers and sneaker addicts are at the right place here. A small shop boosting plenty of styles from chic to casual. You will mostly find menswear here, but girls can also find some exclusive pairs of sneakers here or cool gadgets and accessories.
Kammenstraat 66, | Location

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Antwerp – Belgium


Not far from the Dutch boarder and just an hour drive from Rotterdam (NL) you’ll find one of my favorite cities: Antwerp, the city of Rubens, fashion & diamonds. This is the place to hunt for the best fashion items, jewels, shoes, design… Besides, Antwerp is also known for its majestic historical buildings, its authentic Flemish alleys, its gorgeous main square (Grote Markt), beautiful churches and other architectural gems. But let’s not forget to mention the famous Belgian chocolates! There are plenty of excellent chocolatiers scattered all over the city. An upcoming area that has become one of my favorite places in Antwerp is the quarter ”t Eilandje’. Here you can visit the impressive Museum aan de Stroom (MAS), a peaceful little harbour with cranes, boats and warehouses (housing restaurants and trendy bars). If you fancy nice events and good food, I can recommend the yearly gastronomic festival”Antwerpen Proeft”, music festivals, fashion shows, sport events and concerts at the Waagnatie, located at the river banks of t’Eilandje. Did I get your attention yet? Find out about my favorite spots in Antwerp below.



Get ready to taste one of the best chocolates in the world! ‘Shock-o-latier’ Dominique Persoone produces the finest chocolate with a fairtrade label and adds the most exotic and unthinkable flavours to his Belgian pralines. Think of chocolates with bacon, wasabi, cauliflower, weed, exotic fruits and much more. Dominique Persoone opened his first store in Bruges and his second in Antwerp. The shop in Antwerp at the Meir street is quite unique: situated in a beautiful building with a stunning decoration. When visiting the shop, don’t forget to walk to the back to take a glance of his chocolate atelier and chocolate art.

Address: The Chocolate Line – Antwerpen, Paleis op de Meir 50


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