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Flemish Kitchen Rebels – L’Epicerie du Cirque

Guest blog by Olivier – dining @ l’Epicerie du Cirque 


VISITFLANDERS is eager to promote the Flemish gastronomy and its delicious patrimony both nationally and internationally by yearly selecting young chefs and putting them in the spotlight under the name Flemish Kitchen Rebels.


For about two months (from beginning of October until 15th of November) these culinary wizards –all under the age of 35- with an insatiable passion for good food and locale produce offered a three-course menu from €45 to youngsters under the age of 30.

I’m an easy target when it comes to food. I love cooking, but I even more like going out dining. It came of no surprise then when one of my colleagues invited me to try out one of these restaurants, it instantly made my mouth water.  Our gastronomic sanctuary of choice was l’Epicerie du Cirque, owned by Dennis Broeckx and rewarded with 1 Michelin star.

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World Port Days in Rotterdam

Wereldhavendagen Rotterdam (13 van 18)

Rotterdam on Friday  – blog #5

If you were in Rotterdam last weekend, you probably couldn’t have missed the festivities taking place at the river Maas for it was World Port Days in Rotterdam! During the World Port Days both tourists and locals get a glimpse behind the scenes of the largest harbour of Europe and its industrial heritage.

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Sunny Belgian Pride in Brussels

Belgian Pride Brussels

I remember I went to my first gay pride in Amsterdam three years ago. The atmosphere is the city was insane and I really enjoyed the parade. Consequently, I decided I should also visit the Antwerp pride. Luckily, in 2013 I was assigned to organise a press trip in Antwerp for the World Outgames, including the Antwerp pride. It was one of the nicest events I’ve ever been! This year I promised myself to visit the Belgian Pride -Brussels gay pride – and to experience how the city centre would turn into one big party.

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Rosenball in Vienna, one big party…

From left to right: Olivier Seyssens, Susanne Gosch and Natalie Siereveld @ Roseball. Photo by

On February 28th I took off to Schiphol Airport to meet up with my sweet friend and colleague Susanne in Vienna, the city of Mozart and Sisi. Together with two friends coming from Antwerp and London, we were ready to explore the city and have an unforgettable weekend. Arriving in Vienna in the late evening, we quickly drove to my friend’s house to get dressed for the most bizarre party I have ever been to: the Rosenball. This is the annual alternative ball to the famous Wiener Opernball. Don’t expect people following the proper rules of etiquette: at this ball you can wear and act as you want. The Rosenball is hosted by the voluptuous Miss Candy with an amazing waist, fake boobs and an extraordinary outfit. The ball is held at the Wiener Palais Auersperg decorated with the most beautiful lamps and mirrors. The party was spread out over different chambers and there were beautiful light projections on the walls. The large stairs inside the building were a true attraction where the guests could make their entrance.

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