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Natalie Siereveld

Rotterdams’ best kept secrets – tips from a local

CityJet’s inflight magazine ‘Velocity’ recently held an interview with blogger Natalie Siereveld from In the January 2017 Velocity edition you’ll read about Natalie’s passion for travel and her favorite hang outs in her home town Rotterdam. Read the full article in this blog and get to know Rotterdam’s must visits according to Natalie!


Velocity Magazine – January 2017 edition

I’m Natalie Siereveld, a 31 years old passionate traveller, foodie and sports fanatic. Born in Peru, my family and I moved to Rotterdam (the Netherlands) in 1991. What am I doing for a living? I’m a Press Officer for Flanders (Belgium) based in the Hague for 5 years now. It’s great to promote Flanders as a travel destination amongst Dutch journalists. Why? I get to sample, discover and taste the best of Flemish cuisine, beers, culture and heritage!
My hobby’s? I have a passion for photography. During my spare time I love to wander through the streets of Rotterdam and capture the magic of the city.

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Een smaakvolle proeverij aan de Schelde: Antwerpen Proeft!

Toen ik hoorde dat het culinair festival Antwerpen Proeft weer zou plaatsvinden op een toplocatie aan het water, moest ik er geen twee keer over nadenken. Ik sprak met vrienden af om op een zondag in mei op culinaire ontdekking te gaan. We namen de bus vanaf het station in Antwerpen die ons op ’t Eilandje afzette. De zon scheen volop, de sfeer was goed en we kregen een lekker biertje bij onze entreekaart. We proostten en nipten aan een Duvel terwijl wij ondertussen onze ogen uitkeken bij het zien van de ‘menukaart’. Het was lastig kiezen tussen al die culinaire topgerechtjes van de deelnemende (Antwerpse) chefs en restaurants.

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Cycling, steaks & street art in Montevideo – Uruguay

Crossing the Rio del Plata from Buenos Aires by ferry, it’s easy to get to Montevideo in Uruguay. An excellent trip if you visit Argentina and got some spare days left.

We took the ferry to Colonia and proceeded our trip by bus since that was a cheaper option. But you may as well take the fast ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo (Buquebus, Seacat Colonia) and enjoy a great weekend in Uruguay.
Although not to be compared with Buenos Aires (Montevideo is smaller and has a different vibe), Montevideo is a cool city and there’s plenty of cool things to do.

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Pingyao – China’s famous old town

There’s a reason the Chinese ancient walled city of Pingyao is listed as one of the best conserved walled cities in the world. It takes a few seconds to notice when entering the city though one of the gates. Wandering through the streets you’ll find countless traditional buildings, colorful lanterns and picturesque courtyards. If you would picture a period film showing ancient China, it sure would look precisely like Pingyao.

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Tokyo – Akasaka, the right place for foodies!

Akasaka Tokyo foodies

The first stop of our journey through Asia would be Japan. And so we arrived in Tokyo Haneda Aiport on September 1st. What a joy! We felt excited, we were full of energy and we had a pretty good flight!

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A trip to Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is unique for it is the only city in the world lying on two continents: Asia and Europe. The glittering Bosphorus river dividing the city in two is also known as “Strait of Constantinople”.

Istanbul has conquered our hearts with its stunning views on the river and the old town, the friendly people and varied food. We also enjoyed discovering trendy neigbourhoods like Karaköy and experience the bohemian atmosphere in Cihangir area.

Travel video Istanbul
Travel along with us to the enchanting city of Istanbul where east meets west… Enjoy this video!


(c) Produced by Geerard Siereveld

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Music and theatre festival ‘Gentse Feesten’ 2015

Gentse Feesten 2015

During Ghent Festivities in July, the entire city of Ghent transforms into one gigantic festival. The streets are loaded with cheerfull people strolling from one stage to another, singing along and clapping for street artists that show off their moves and tricks. This sprakling festival used to be for the locals only (first edition in 1834). However, an increasing number of foreigners have found out about the charmes of this festival. The fact is: the ‘Gentse Feesten’ are known as one of the largest national feasts together with Oktoberfest in München and Las Fallas in Valencia in Europe!

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Trujillo, a versatile city in Northern Peru

Trujillo city center

Let me introduce you to the beautiful city of Trujillo, the capital of north Peru. This is the city where I was born and grew up until I was 5 years old. After we moved to the Netherlands in 1991, I went back several times to visit family and friends. It was lovely to wander through my old neighborhood and enjoy the atmosphere of Trujillo’s main square. Being treated with all the gastronomic delights of the region made the relive my childhood memories again.

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La Mar Cebicheria by Gastón Acurio

La Mar Cebicheria

While I was planning my visit to Peru in February 2015, I googled my way through restaurants where I could taste Lima’s best cebiche. I soon stumbled upon (who else could it be) Gastón Acurio’s restaurant ‘La Mar’ which opened its doors in 2005 in the neighborhood Miraflores. This restaurant specialized in cebiche’s is known to serve one of the best cebiches in town. I didn’t have to look further and immediately booked a table at La Mar. Boy I was excited! By then, I couldn’t have imagined I was about to taste the most savory cebiches in my entire life…

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Things to eat in Peru


The Peruvian cuisine is increasingly becoming more renowned and I couldn’t agree more since it’s is one of the most savory, colorful and varied cuisines in the world. Peruvian dishes contain fresh meat and fish, rare and varied spices adding an authentic flavor but also aromatic herbs and ingredients coming straight from a fertile land. And let’s not forget the multicultural influences! From the experiments of the local inhabitants dating back to the pre Inca empire, till the cooking influences of the Spanish and Africans, and later the Italians, Chinese and Japanese immigrants than settled down in Peru: they all contributed to broaden the culinary heritage of the country.

“Meet Peru, where the heartiest of appetites are awoken…”

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Things to do in Edinburgh


Scotland’s capital city is known to be a vibrant cosmopolitan one, bursting with cultural heritage, many sightseeing spots, splendid architectural gems and restaurants offering sumptuous Scottish and international food on the menu. Did you know that Edinburgh has an Old and a New Town which are both listed as UNESCO World Sites? You’ll find it lovely to walk through these contrasting districts! Edinburgh is also home to some renowned festivals organised throughout the year such as the largest arts festival in the world: Edinburgh Festival Fringe (August) and the world famous Hogmanay taking place in December/January. When in Edinburgh, you can’t miss out on tasting Scotland’s traditional dish: haggis. Almost every Scottish restaurant or eatery serves this stuffed stomach delight. More about that later…

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Flemish Kitchen Rebels – L’Epicerie du Cirque

Guest blog by Olivier – dining @ l’Epicerie du Cirque 


VISITFLANDERS is eager to promote the Flemish gastronomy and its delicious patrimony both nationally and internationally by yearly selecting young chefs and putting them in the spotlight under the name Flemish Kitchen Rebels.


For about two months (from beginning of October until 15th of November) these culinary wizards –all under the age of 35- with an insatiable passion for good food and locale produce offered a three-course menu from €45 to youngsters under the age of 30.

I’m an easy target when it comes to food. I love cooking, but I even more like going out dining. It came of no surprise then when one of my colleagues invited me to try out one of these restaurants, it instantly made my mouth water.  Our gastronomic sanctuary of choice was l’Epicerie du Cirque, owned by Dennis Broeckx and rewarded with 1 Michelin star.

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