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5 must do’s in Hong Kong according to Renate

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong top 5 – Guest blog by Renate 

Five years ago I packed my bag and left home. Free of expectations, I took off to live in Hong Kong. In first instance, the city was overwhelming. But during my stay I started to love Hong Kong. When I left Hong Kong after six months, I knew I would return to this amazing place. And that is what I did. My partner and I went on holiday to Hong Kong. There we had a lovely meet up with Natalie and Geerard. For them, and for Orange Spots, I jotted down a shortlist of my favorite spots in Hong Kong.

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Barcelona babbels van Rob


Gastblog #2 – Barcelona hotspots

Via dit blog babbel ik zo aan het einde van het jaar er nog eventjes lustig op los over mijn heerlijke 2014 bezoekjes aan mijn favoriete stad Barcelona. Weer is gebleken dat deze stad zo veelzijdig is dat het niet uitmaakt welk jaargetijde je kiest: altijd genoeg vertier, verrassing & afwisseling!

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Shopping Sundays Antwerp

Guest blog by Olivier – Antwerp

Hi there ! I’m Olivier, born in Belgium and currently living in Antwerp. You can call me a hedonistic hipster wannabe, foodie lover or design & architecture freak, I meet all the before-mentioned requirements. Give me a beat & I will dance to it ! I’m obsessed with music. I literally have headphones taped to my head. Put me on a plane and I’m ready to discover the world. Any destination will do, because to travel is to live.

Olivier Seyssens

Off-the-beaten track favorites in Antwerp

Spending my Sundays are mostly limited to shameless couch potato-sessions, but all that is about to change since Antwerp has a shopping Sunday every first Sunday of the month. So next Sunday I will be out the door for a new winter outfit or some (very) early Christmas shopping. Really, any excuse will do ! 🙂

Antwerp is a true shopping-walhalla, so you can be sure there is enough for every taste. If you are flabbergasted by the offer, don’t worry! Below you can find a few of my personal and off-the-beaten track favorites:

Vier Antwerp
Hipster Alert ! Street wear lovers and sneaker addicts are at the right place here. A small shop boosting plenty of styles from chic to casual. You will mostly find menswear here, but girls can also find some exclusive pairs of sneakers here or cool gadgets and accessories.
Kammenstraat 66, | Location

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Houston; we’re not having a problem! Guestblog by Lindy

Lindy Houston

‘This is me and my baby boy in front of the only Dutch shop in Houston’.

In the south of Texas, near the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll find Houston. Houston is the 5th biggest city of America while Texas is the 2th biggest state. Most people will know Houston from the NASA, but “H-town” holds one of the biggest oil and gas industries in the world. When you would maybe expect an industrial, concrete city in the desert, you will be surprised.

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Wedding in Barcelona


Guest blog by Mariëlle Jongmans – wedding officer

It’s definitely possible: saying “I do” at a place where you feel comfortable, where you have an excellent atmosphere, the sun is shining, where nothing’s impossible and last but not least a place where you can enjoy city life close to the beach. Barcelona just has it all! And the distance is nearly negligible when living in Europe and if you want your family and friends to be present at your wedding. Trust me, nobody will complaint about celebrating your marriage in a fabulous city like Barcelona.

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