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Hong Kong favorites & staying at Mini Hotel

Hong Kong has been on my travel list for years. This year, we were finally able to visit this far away destination from which we heard many positive things. Most of all, we couldn’t wait to taste the famous Hong Kong style food! Or take some amazing photographs of the illuminated skyline which we’ve often seen on travel programs and postcards.

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Miyajima, a treasure island in Japan

Miyajima Japan photography

There’s much to say about Japan and its ancient culture which has left many traces in the form of remarkable temples, arts and crafts, customs, traditions and an excellent cuisine. Traveling through the country has been a true delight. I’ve left each city or village with a pleasant feeling. However, I must admit that I found Miyajima – a small island located in front of Hiroshima – to be one of my favorite places I’ve visited in Japan!

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Best travel photos 2014 – Orange Spots

2014 has again been a splendid year full of amazing trips to different corners in the world. We enjoyed learning about new cultures, exploring amazing historic city’s, we treated ourselves with delicious exotic food and took a swim at the most stunning beaches. Looking back to last year’s travel adventures gives me a very happy feeling and I’m thankful for these wonderful experiences I was able to have.

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Rotterdam by night #2


Erasmus Brug, De Rotterdam & skyline Kop van Zuid

Rotterdam on Friday – blog #3

Rotterdam is a city of architecture, arts, culture, great food, jazz, sports and all other good things life has to offer. When I cycle around the city by nightfall, I’m always amazed by Rotterdam’s beautiful illumination and the reflection of the city lights on the river Maas. Last week I couldn’t resist to take my camera out on a ‘romantic’ date. I packed my tripod and 18-55 mm lens, jumped on my bike and shot some nice photographs in the area of Oude Haven and Boompjes. These are the results!

What’s your favorite place in Rotterdam?

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Rotterdam, city of architecture

Erasmus Bridge

Rotterdam on Friday – blog #2

For those who haven’t visited Rotterdam for the past ten years and have missed the praising articles in the media about the splendour of Rotterdam’s architecture (Rough Guide, New York Times), prepare yourself to find the city unrecognizable. You should know that Rotterdam is a true architectural gem housing a great variety of the most iconic buildings in the Netherlands. New constructions have arisen (the cavernous tube-shaped Market Hall, the new vertical city ‘De Rotterdam’, the skyscrapers at Kop van Zuid) making a perfect combination with older buildings such as the cube houses at Blaak and Hotel New York. This dazzling mix of different architectural styles make the perfect skyline. I personally think it’s gorgeous, especially when looking at the city from a distance. It’s not for nothing Rotterdam’s nickname has become ‘Manhattan on the Maas’…

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Rotterdam by night…

Leuvehaven Rotterdam

If you’d make a walk through Rotterdam by night, you’ll find out that this stunning city is a true architectural gem. Rotterdam’s just full of surprises and let me tell you why. I never get bored cycling around to admire the tall and funny looking buildings in the city center which not quite match one another. But that doesn’t matter for this great variety of architectural styles creates a fabulous coherent entity. Rotterdam makes sense!

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