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Visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo – Japan

The world’s most amazing fish market:
Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo

When you think of Japan, one of the first things that comes in mind is sushi, sushi, sushi! When we visited Japan in 2015 for the first time, our number one activity on our to-do list was trying some delicious maki’s and nigiris! And so we did… Lots of them. And some new sushis we never tried before, of course. Since we are such big sushi fans, we couldn’t resist visiting the world’s most amazing fish markets. Yes, I’m talking about the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. This is the market which starred at the art house movie Hiro dreams of sushi, one of my favorite food documentaries. It is highly recommended to watch this film if you’re a true sushi fan and you want to know everything about how the fish is selected and prepared. ‘ Cause Hiro knows it all…

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Amalfi Coast, Cetara – Italy


When I was 14, my family and I visited the beautiful coast of Baia Domizia, located just north of the Bay of Naples. Until today I have some great memories of these fantastic holidays. We stayed at a camping site in a lovely pine forest setting close to the sea. I will never forget the gigantic pizza frutti di mare we tasted at a local pizza bakery in the countryside. That was my best pizza ever!
Back then we didn’t have enough time to visit the city of Naples, so this time I decided to book two tickets to Napels to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I was also curious to explore the southern coast beneath Napels: the famous Costiera Amalfitana. Here, Sorrento is one of the most popular towns which is also one of Europe’s most breathtaking places. Then there’s Positano, a most photogenic town, and Ravello, a popular place for couples to celebrate their wedding.

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Vietnam’s gastronomic indulgence


The first time I had sushi, I went bananas. I loved the taste of soy sauce, combined with rice and tuna, salmon, avocado and fresh vegetables. These ingredients combined with nori (seaweed) made me discover a new world. A fan of the Japanese cuisine was born. This was my first experience with Asian food, other than Indonesian and Chinese. Then, years later, the first Vietnamese restaurant opened in Rotterdam, my home town. It was here that I first tasted Vietnamese food, and again, same as with Japanese food, I was overwhelmed by heavenly flavours I had never tasted before. I loved the combination of fish sauce with basic ingredients as mint, cilantro, and tasty marinated meat and fish. Since then, the Vietnamese cuisine is listed in my top 5 (1. Japanese, 2. Peruvian, 3. Thai food, 4. Italian). I couldn’t wait to travel to Vietnam to experience its authentic, fresh, healthy and savory food.

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Dream island Phu Quoc – Vietnam

 Vietnam - Long Beach Phu Quoc

When travelling to a country like Vietnam, a visit to a beautiful beach is a must on your itinerary. So we booked our tickets at Vietnam Airlines from HCMC to Phu Quoc and soon we landed on this gorgeous tropical island. Upon our arrival at Mai House Resort we were welcomed with a fresh watermelon juice. We happily cheered on a well deserved vacation in Phu Quoc island where we would stay for three days.

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