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East coast of Sicily – Taormina and Syracuse

After visiting the west coast of Sicily for the first time in 2011, getting married in the fascinating medieval village of Erice in 2012 (Province of Trapani), we couldn’t resist discovering Sicily’s east coast with highlights such as Toarmina and Syracuse. We combined our trip to Sicily with a trip to Malta, which is easy to reach by boat or airplane.

Taormina is an enchanting historical town idyllicly perched on a rocky promontory high above the sea. A true eye catcher is the well conserved amphitheatre which is one of the most celebrated ruins in Sicily. The backdrop view would doubtless have added a splendid dramatic impact to plays and productions performed in the past. Besides visiting the Greek theatre, it’s is very nice to stroll through the Streets of Taormina, visit the various ceramic shops, behold Taormina’s historical buildings, churches and eat at the many restaurants. Although the Taormina is very touristic it should definitely be on your itinerary! Don’t forget to visit the neighbouring beaches of Gardini Naxos. You can easily reach them by bus.

Not far from Taormina lies the ancient town of Syracuse, one of my favourite places in Sicily. The old city center is enchanting with its picturesque market, artisanal shops and typical architecture. I personally think that Syracuse has of the most beautiful squares in Sicily with a gorgeous cathedral! Just like Taormina, Syracuse has an ancient amphitheatre that is situated not far from the old centre.

Besides visiting these two beautiful towns, we took a little trip to the country side and spent and afternoon in Noto, situated south from Syracuse. Noto is a beautiful Baroque town which was destroyed by a terrible earthquake in 1693 and was was rebuilt from scratch on a new site, about 10km from the old centre. We certainly loved the tranquil atmosphere and stunning architecture of this place.

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Sicily: west coast, Palermo & Cefalù

Sicily is a gorgeous destination you should definitely have on your travel list. This beautiful island located in southern Italy will conquer your heart once you taste its food, discover its landscapes and history and meet the warm Sicilian people. Our first visit to Sicily in 2010 resulted in an overwhelming trip to the west coast. We started our itinerary in Trapani, a port town with a nice historical city center built in baroque style. We received a great tip from our B&B hosts to visit one of the most romantic places on earth: the neighboring medieval town Erice which is situated on a mountain, overlooking the sea and has no less than 14 churches and a stunning castle. Opposite to Trapani lies the largest of the Egadi Islands: Favigana. You can travel by boat and it’s fantastic for people who love nature, cycling and eating fresh (tuna) fish!

Palermo, the capital of Sicily is quite a rough and chaotic city yet it’s worth to explore its historical buildings and experience the vivid streets. Palermo lies in between two stunning little fishermen towns that I absolutely loved to visit! Catellamare del Golfo (left from Palermo) has one of the most breathtaking views on the shore, colorful boats and mountains. Right from Palermo lies Cefalù, another fisherman town with a beautiful cathedral, charming streets and tasty restaurants. Sicily simply has it all…

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Orange Spots 1 year anniversary!


I’ve been travelling for many years and I’ve certainly seen lots of beautiful places in various continents around the world. It’s not only breathtaking landscapes that captivated my heart and made me eager to travel more, yet also the fascinating cultures I’ve encountered, the culinary delights of several countries I’ve visited and the architectural gems, both contemporary and historical, that have truly inspired me.

Exactly one year ago I launched Orange Spots, a lifestyle and travel blog where I can share my most memorable travel experiences and inspiring photographs.

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