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CHiangMai travel video

Splendid Chiang Mai – Thailand

We recently spent two lovely weeks in Chiang Mai and the country side. We really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere you find in this charming destination. People are very friendly and welcoming. There are precious temples everywhere and the food aromas at the markets and eateries really touch your olfactory senses. We also spoiled ourselves with massages every day.

Then there’s the laid back countryside where you find the traditional way of living. The stretched out paddy fields are bright green, full of live and surrounded by trees and mountains. We loved to cycle through the countryside and visit different places such as temples, local farms and even a ‘Grand Canyon’ filled with bright blue water.

A true highlight was a visit to an elephant camp which has been on my travel list for years! We drove all the way to the mountains, through forests and then into the jungle. Here we learned about the elephant’s habitat. We spoiled the elephants with treats, mud baths and we played with them in the river. It was amazing …

Chiang Mai has surprised us in many ways. See it yourself in a travel video we made to inspire you. Enjoy!


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Tokyo – travel video

Tokyo is a dazzling city offering its visitors a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining. Orange Spots bloggers Natalie and Geerard were recently in Tokyo and captured some footage of the city to share with you.

Tokyo travel video –
produced by Geerard Siereveld 

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Tokyo – Akasaka, the right place for foodies!

Akasaka Tokyo foodies

The first stop of our journey through Asia would be Japan. And so we arrived in Tokyo Haneda Aiport on September 1st. What a joy! We felt excited, we were full of energy and we had a pretty good flight!

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Orange Spots on Tour

Travel Orange Spots

Asia and South America
2015 – 2016

We’ve always been fascinated by visiting foreign countries, experience other cultures and tasting exotic food. And if we look back at the first time we met, the first topic we talked about was traveling the world. So what are the odds that we would go on a world trip this year? It totally makes sense!

On September 1st 2015 we’ll start with an amazing journey through Asia and South America for 7 months. Tokyo is the first stop in our itinerary. After that we’ll continue with a splendid round trip through Japan. This beautiful and diverse country has been on our bucket list for years!

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Stay with the locals in Peru

Peru travel
This article appeared in Livin Magazine (edition 9, June 2015, a magazine about lifestyle and health). Published in Trujillo, Peru. Translated from Spanish

Are you craving for adventure and looking for experiences different than those offered by traditional tourism? Then consider choosing for community based tourism which offers you exotic and authentic experiences that favor personal growth.

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Trujillo, a versatile city in Northern Peru

Trujillo city center

Let me introduce you to the beautiful city of Trujillo, the capital of north Peru. This is the city where I was born and grew up until I was 5 years old. After we moved to the Netherlands in 1991, I went back several times to visit family and friends. It was lovely to wander through my old neighborhood and enjoy the atmosphere of Trujillo’s main square. Being treated with all the gastronomic delights of the region made the relive my childhood memories again.

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Caballos Peruanos de Paso, Trujillo – Peru

Caballos de Paso Peruano-15

When visiting the northern coast of Peru, you will most likely follow the Moche Route through the city of Trujillo and the beach of Huanchaco. When doing this, don’t forget to stop by the ‘Fundo Palo Marino’. This beautiful farm is home to the Association of Horse breeders and Owners in La Libertad Province. Here you’ll find one of Peru’s cradles of the Peruvian Horse: Caballo Peruano de Paso.

At Fundo Palo Marino you learn about this unique horse breed. Imagine yourself attending an authentic horse exhibition with traditional Marinera dance! Prepare to be blown away…

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Best of San Francisco, California

Golden Gate view

Guest blog by Geerard Siereveld

March this year I visited San Fransisco for a work related event. I asked my US co-workers to show me around their favorite places in the city. This resulted in me visiting local dive bars, hidden gems and … a country dance club. I have experienced life in 5 different apartments of the city: the Mission district, Marina area, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Financial District and the Union square area. These are the spots I can recommend when you’re visiting San Fransisco in California.

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Social travel: connecting with the locals

Hoi An Silk Village (7 van 12)

I remember our summer vacations with our local friends in the province of Emilia Romagna, Italy. My family and I stayed with the Visani family in Cesena. We exchanged memorable experiences like cooking typical Italian meals and tasting local delicacies. We visited the local markets and bought products from the region. We also spend some lovely days on the beach. My brother and I soon learned our first Italian words.

Now, 20 years later, this way of travelling has been given a name: ‘social travel’ or ‘connect with the locals’. Having authentic experiences with local inhabitants is becoming a trend! It’s actually something similar to what we used to do with our Italian friends. Yet this time you don’t know your hosts. Also, you book an online experience. And you have to pay for the services the hosts provide.

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East coast of Sicily – Taormina and Syracuse

After visiting the west coast of Sicily for the first time in 2011, getting married in the fascinating medieval village of Erice in 2012 (Province of Trapani), we couldn’t resist discovering Sicily’s east coast with highlights such as Toarmina and Syracuse. We combined our trip to Sicily with a trip to Malta, which is easy to reach by boat or airplane.

Taormina is an enchanting historical town idyllicly perched on a rocky promontory high above the sea. A true eye catcher is the well conserved amphitheatre which is one of the most celebrated ruins in Sicily. The backdrop view would doubtless have added a splendid dramatic impact to plays and productions performed in the past. Besides visiting the Greek theatre, it’s is very nice to stroll through the Streets of Taormina, visit the various ceramic shops, behold Taormina’s historical buildings, churches and eat at the many restaurants. Although the Taormina is very touristic it should definitely be on your itinerary! Don’t forget to visit the neighbouring beaches of Gardini Naxos. You can easily reach them by bus.

Not far from Taormina lies the ancient town of Syracuse, one of my favourite places in Sicily. The old city center is enchanting with its picturesque market, artisanal shops and typical architecture. I personally think that Syracuse has of the most beautiful squares in Sicily with a gorgeous cathedral! Just like Taormina, Syracuse has an ancient amphitheatre that is situated not far from the old centre.

Besides visiting these two beautiful towns, we took a little trip to the country side and spent and afternoon in Noto, situated south from Syracuse. Noto is a beautiful Baroque town which was destroyed by a terrible earthquake in 1693 and was was rebuilt from scratch on a new site, about 10km from the old centre. We certainly loved the tranquil atmosphere and stunning architecture of this place.

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Best travel photos 2014 – Orange Spots

2014 has again been a splendid year full of amazing trips to different corners in the world. We enjoyed learning about new cultures, exploring amazing historic city’s, we treated ourselves with delicious exotic food and took a swim at the most stunning beaches. Looking back to last year’s travel adventures gives me a very happy feeling and I’m thankful for these wonderful experiences I was able to have.

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Edinburgh Scotland – travel video

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, bursting with cultural heritage, attractions, splendid architectural gems and great gastronomy. We visited Edinburgh in the last week of December 2014 where we enjoyed the great Christmas atmosphere and beautiful illuminated Streets. We definitely would recomment Edinburgh as a citytrip!

Discover the city’s nicest places and must do’s through this video.

Also take a look at the Orange Spots blog with 10 must do’s in Edinburgh:

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