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Death Road mountain bike adventure in La Paz – Bolivia

If you happen to be an adventurous type and you’re in La Paz (Bolivia) by any chance, you can’t miss out riding down the World’s Most Dangerous Road on a mountain bike! Sure, you really need to know how to ride a bike in order to do this safely. By no means this is a challenging ride. When we heard about the existence of the mountain bike tour down the risky Death Road, we had to think twice. We asked around for advice at several tour operators and mountain bike specialists. We made up our mind and decided we should just go for it!

We opted for the one day tour with Barro Biking in La Paz that would take us on a 5 hour downhill mountain bike ride. The agency told us the ride is more about entertaining tourists than it is about life and death transportation. The famous Death Road used to cause hundreds of deaths a year when it was used as an important transport route. Cars and trucks were often teetering on the edges (often lacking railings) and risking their lives with every trip. With the construction of the new road from Coroico to La Paz, truckers can now easily get to their destination on the asphalt road. The Death Road has nowadays become a popular tourist attraction for adventure seekers. Mountain bikers and motorcyclists depart on daily tours to get a once in a lifetime experience!

Check out our video with fascinating landscapes and cool shots of our ride on the Death Road!


There are plenty of tour operators in La Paz offering day tours and extended tours on mountain bikes. Make sure to book at an official agency. We really liked the Barro Biking day tour which was not expensive. The bikes very at a good condition (we advise you to choose a mountain bike with double suspension) and we were offered a helmet and the right protection. We even got cool pictures and videos after the trip! Our guide led us down the road and gave us information while the mechanic fixed our tires and bicycles if something went wrong.
We made several stops on our way down which was necessary, especially when entering the Death Road. It’s a bumpy road and not asphalted which means you got to have good cycling skills and be in a good condition.

Here’s a shortlist of agencies that are recommended in La Paz:

Sagarnaga 288 Galeria Las Brujas Of. 10

Linares 940, La Paz

LINARES 971, La Paz

Photos of the tour

La Paz Bolivia-71
La Paz Bolivia-70
La Paz Bolivia-28


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