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Segway Rotterdam

Rotterdam on fRiday – blog #7

Segway tour by #teamrocket

I never imagined myself jumping on a Segway, although I always looked at people with a certain curiosity when cruising on one of those machines. To be honest, I had no clue how a Segway actually works and how it feels to step on it and spin around. Last week I finally got the chance to experience ‘it’. And yes, it was freaking amazing!!! I think I couldn’t have chosen a better city than Rotterdam to do this…

A group of journalists who I met in Antwerp during a press trip last year told me the most exciting stories about this ‘Segway thing’. Due to the lack of Segway’s I couldn’t join the group which means I had to skip the Segway experience. Too bad you would think, but it’s never too late to learn something new! A year later, I booked me and some friends (they had experienced a Segway before) a tour of 70 minutes through Rotterdam at the company Segway Tours Rotterdam.

I took my first baby steps on a Segway and learned how to control it within 10 minutes. It wasn’t as easy as I thought, yet I managed to be stable and drive back and forth. I almost drove into the water while practicing which scared the hell out of me but I guess I just lost control because of the adrenaline and the nerves. Eventually, the Segway felt like cycling (my second nature) yet much more interesting and cool!

Segway Hotel New York
From left to right: Natalie, Martijn, Tom, Olivier & Martijn.

Rotterdam has beautiful views and great cycling lanes which makes the city to be a perfect place to plan a Segway tour. I loved to cruise over the Willems and Erasmus bridge and I enjoyed driving through Museumpark, past the museums and green areas and a little bridge that was very steep (our guide kept challenging us). Although posing in front of some of the city icons while standing on a Segway wasn’t always that easy, we were glad that our tour guide gave us a hand to place us in a perfect line and take some nice pictures. Let me give you an advice: don’t think you’ll be able to take pictures and record your awesome moves while on the Segway. At least not when it’s your first time…

I am very glad that I finally got to experience a Segway tour. It felt like a long time ago that I learned to do something new and it was sooo much fun! Compared to snowboarding, the Segway is definitely easier to learn: snowboarding took me 1 week, driving a Segway only 10 minutes.

View this fun video of the Segway tour!

More information about the Segway city tour in Rotterdam (70 minutes, € 45):

Segway Sightseeing Rotterdam
Parkhaven 9
3016 GM Rotterdam
T +31(0)10 436 04 25


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