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Tokyo – Akasaka, the right place for foodies!

Akasaka Tokyo foodies

The first stop of our journey through Asia would be Japan. And so we arrived in Tokyo Haneda Aiport on September 1st. What a joy! We felt excited, we were full of energy and we had a pretty good flight!

The bus took us to Akasaka district where we soon experienced that finding locations and street names in Tokyo (and Japan in general) isn’t that easy. But we managed to find our hotel and check-in: our Japan experience was about to begin!

Akasaka in Tokyo: the right place for beginners
For those who want to stay at a more peaceful yet pleasant neighborhood in Tokyo, Akasaka is the right place to be. While walking through this area, you’ll soon notice a very laid back atmosphere. During the evening, people come here to enjoy the food at the numerous restaurants and eateries, have drinks at nice bars and meet friends at cafes.

Akasaka is a central city area that is home to the offices of lots of big companies. Overall, it’s considered pretty upmarket, but there are lots of nice attractions – parks, shrines, discount stores and cheap eating and drinking locations. During the day, there’s lots of business people who have their lunch or after-work meetings here.
The various tall buildings are alternated by lower architecture and little parks which makes this an attractive area. We could even plan a workout session on the second day of our stay in Tokyo at one of the parks close to our hotel. With all that Japanese food and drinks you NEED to stay in shape!

Akasaka Tokyo1

Tori at Hie shrine, Akasaka
Close to Akasaka station, you’ll find the Tori at Hie Shrine in a little park which you can enter by climbing some stairs. It’s a nice place to get some rest. When walking around the shrine, you suddenly stumble upon a stairway which takes you down the road. It’s beautifully decorated with red bamboo poles.

Torii at Hie Shrine Akasaka Tokyo

Eat in Akasaka

While staying in Akasaka, you’ll  notice there’s a great selection of fine and cosy restaurants all over the the area. We enjoyed a very nice meal at a very special restaurant.

This delightful restaurant has stolen our hearts! We spotted this place while exploring Akasaka and were attracted by the interior of the restaurant. Our hostess seated us at the bar where we could watch the chefs prepare typical Japanese dishes. What we liked most was the master grill chef who prepared fish and chicken on a special grill. After putting chunks of straw in the straw-fed grill he lit up a blow torch to start a fire. You could see the gigantic flames cooking the meat. It was very impressive and our chicken tasted delightful.

Warayakiya Akasaka Tokyo

3-12-3 Akasaka
Minato-ku – Tokyo
Subway: Chiyoda line to Akasaka, exits 1 & 2

> View this website for more tips on eating out in Akasaka -Tokyo.

Sleep in Akasaka

Super Hotel Lohas
We stayed at Super Hotel Lohos in Akasaka, an eco hotel located in the middle of the quarter. It’s also very close to the subway. It’s a very pleasant hotel with nice staff. The hotel is well maintained and has nice facilities such as a carbon water spring. After a day of sightseeing, walking and shopping, it’s nice to make use of the onsen facility in the hotel. You’re able to clean yourself in the designated area (there’s eco shampoo, soap, cleanser, conditioner). Take a bath in the water spring and relax! There’s a schedule for men and women so unfortunately you can’t enjoy the facility with your partner.

Although our room was quite small,  we sure enjoyed our stay and would definitely recommend this hotel to stay when arriving for the first time in Tokio. To us it was a good experience to not arrive in busy district like Shibuya or Shinjuku. More about that in our next blogs…

Super Hotel Lohal Akasaka Tokyo


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